Our story

Since day one, we have dedicated our energy and skills to a single mission: protection and care for your skin.

Sun brero Sunscreen isn’t just sunscreen, but a solution, a product rich in meaning, that helps people feel safe and open to others. Let’s face it: it simply feels good to know that you’re protected!


Combined with the best skin care science, this complete cosmetic product defines and highlights your natural beauty - giving it all the best eco-friendly sunscreen ingredients.


Sun brero appeared as a couple’s need for the perfect sunscreen. After working hard for the whole year, we’ve got to the point where we’ve took a well-deserved holiday in a warm, sunny place. I remember opening the sunscreen drawer with many different sunscreens. That was the breaking point when the decision of creating the perfect sun-protection product appeared: “Why not make the perfect sunscreen for people like us who love the sun, the ocean, the sweat and have the same respect as us for the environment”. After complete research, we’ve lunched a non-toxic and 100% natural product, suitable for the whole family.


Caring for eco system and environment has always been a core value for us. We like to surf and snorkel the reefs and spend our days swimming in the ocean. A sunscreen with Coral friendly ingredients was simply unavoidable.         


Sun brero is now a well-trusted product, part of many people’s daily life, making them to enjoy sunlight while they are relaxing, working or playing. 


You deserve better. Most of the products existing on the market are offering zinc-based solutions that paint you white. Sun brero has a better recipe, take this esthetic worry away. The new wave of Protection is all Natural/Mineral Sunscreen that is safe for you and your kids. It is crucial to offer your body high-quality protection again the harmful sunrays at comparable market prices.


Sun Brero™ Sunscreen is tested FDA: SPF 35 sweat/water resistant (80 minutes), UVA/ UVB protection, Tinted, Hypoallergenic, Reef Friendly / Oxybenzone Free & Octinoxate Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Mineral Oil Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, PABA Free, Chemical Free.

Our story

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